The Website Regulations

  1. This Website Regulations (hereafter called the „Regulations”) was issued by Med4EU Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością (the “Company”) domiciled in Wroclaw, address: ul. Warsztatowa 11, 53-014 Wroclaw, Poland, registered in Wroclaw-Fabryczna District Court Register under number KRS 0000469197, tax number NIP 8992745290, Statistics Office REGON 022183064, web address and e-mail address
  1. The Regulations specifies the conditions upon which the Company provides the website (the “Website”) to be used free of charge with all its contents and tools and services rendered therein. If the Regulations is not accepted, using of the Website is not acceptable. The Company Website contains links to other web services to which this Regulation is not relevant.
  1. The Website services and contents are available to all users.
  1. The Company provides on the Website:a)selected information on some services of the Company or entities cooperating with the Company;
    b)tools facilitating planning and communication (Contact Form);
    c)periodically: tools for participating in current special offers and campaigns of the Company.
  1. Using full scope of the Website requires
    a)access to a computer or other equipment with operating system compatible with popular browsers;
    b)accepting cookies and javascript files.
  1. Having up-to-date antivirus software is recommended while using the Website.
  1. The Website User’s electronic system downloads cookie files while the Website is used.
  2. On some specific areas of the Website, in connection with some services ordered by the Users, the Company publishes forms collecting personal data. The storing and usage of personal data is regulated by the Website Privacy Policy.
  1. The Company will make every effort to allow using the Website with all popular types of computers, operating systems, and browsers, however, it cannot guarantee the possibility and efficiency of using the Website in all or in part with all available tools.
  1. The Website is used via publicly available world wide web which, by its nature, does not guarantee reliability and confidentiality of the communication between the User and the Company.
  1. The Company will make every effort to provide constant, uninterrupted and full availability of the Website.
  1. The Website User cannot sent illegal contents via the Website and is fully responsible to the Company as well as to the third parties for all the contents [he/she] sends the Company.
  1. Using the Website and its contents, tools and services is allowed only for the personal use and for their intended purposes as well as within applicable law, the Regulations and best practice. It is especially not allowed to use the Website for any type of organized activity, paid or not paid, without the Company approval, regardless of the specific protection by the legal regulations, including copyrights.
  1. The entire Website, with its content, shape and construction, is protected by Polish and international copyright laws. The [intellectual property] rights to all material published on the Website are reserved to the Website owner or to persons and companies entitled (such as business partners, customers).
  1. Without the Owner’s approval, it is strictly prohibited to copy or distribute in any form or in any way (electronic or mechanical), including copying, printing, photocopying, recording on tapes, disks, CV/DVDs or with other systems and tools, of any part of the Website (including text, documents, files, graphic design, graphics/images), unless the Regulations state otherwise.
  1. Trade names and the names of products and companies mentioned on the Website are or may be reserved trademarks or reserved trade names of the relevant companies or their owners.
  1. Downloading and copying of the contents available on the Website is allowed only for personal, non-commercial use, unless in some cases it is clearly specified otherwise. Placing hyperlinks on the Website, especially deep links, inline-links or Frame links is allowed only after prior written consent of the Owner.
  1. The User is legally liable for violating licences and copyrights as regulated by Copyright and related laws, Unfair Competition Law, Civil Code and Press Law.
  1. Complaints and comments on the Website functioning and the content available may be filed: by letter to the Company address for correspondence: Med4EU sp. z o.o., ul. Przasynska 11A/294, 01-756 Warszawa, Poland or e-mail to
  1. Response to the complaint will be given by the Company in writing [on paper], or electronically, with no delay, however, no later than 30 days from the date the complaint is filed. In justified cases, the response time may be prolonged to 90 days at the maximum, after explaining the delay and circumstances that require further investigation to the Website User.
  1. The Company makes every effort to keep the Website content up-to-date, precise and available with no interruption.
  1. The Company will inform about changes to this Regulations by announcing new Regulations on the Website.
  1. The Company may, at any time, change the scope or type of the contents available on the Website, as well as extend, change, limit or stop offering some or all of the functionalities, tools and services available on the Website. Any important changes in services and tools will be announced by the Company on the Website.
  1. Any disputes arising from using the Website that are not resolved amicably, will be settled by the court of appropriate jurisdiction.