Table of fees

Administrative coordination of activities required for recovery of treatment costs from the NHS. 

Administrative fee – for coordination of treatment costs refund process

Fee: 600 PLN


Paid when: Before the start of the given phase of the treatment


Notes: Fee to be subtracted from success fee after the reimbursement is granted

Success fee for effective handling of the reimbursement application process by Med4EU

Fee: 25% of the reimbursement amount, no less than the administrative fee


Paid when: Patient pays the fee after reimbursement amount is confirmed by the NHS


Notes: Previously paid admin fee is subtracted from the success fee


Med4EU’s patient undergoes diagnostics for FAI and then surgery. The cost of diagnostics and specialist consultations is 1000 PLN and the cost of surgery and hospitalisation is 5000 PLN, thus the total reimbursement cost is 6000 PLN. 


Before Med4EU starts to prepare the application, the patient pays the administrative fee of 600 PLN. After obtaining the reimbursement, from the success fee charged (here: 25% of the refund amount, in this case 1500 PLN) Med4EU deducts the administrative fee already paid and the patient pays only 900 PLN. In total, Med4EU charges the patient 1500 PLN.

Translation costs from Polish to English for documentation necessary for the reimbursement application.

1 page of standard translations (1 800 characters inc. spaces)

Type of documentation: Financial documentation, e.g. invoices, statements, receipts, quotes, estimates


Fee: 25 PLN / page

1 page of specialist translations (1 800 characters inc. spaces)

Type of documentation: Medical documentation: consultation records, diagnostic test descriptions, reports, medical recommendation


Fee: 50 PLN / page