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Medical services available in Med4EU


Specialist consultations

Orthopaedic, surgical, ENT and others 

CT scan


Imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI), laboratory tests (e.g. blood tests) and others


Surgical treatment

Minimally-invasive (e.g arthroscopic) or open



Physiotherapy post arthroscopic hip or knee surgeries and more

Konsultacje specjalistyczne

With Med4EU, you can get access to the best specialists in private clinics in Poland without having to wait in line, and then receive a refund treatment costs from the NHS. Please note that a refund is available when the visit is necessary to cure or diagnose the condition. Confirmation of the need for treatment is a part of a medical report which will be prepared by a doctor in Poland.

If you come to us before your planned visit:

-We will be able to advise you on where best to go for treatment

– We will take care of the administrative side of the treatment –  completing the documentation necessary for the cost recovery application to the NHS

– We will recover your treatment costs from the NHS

My skin problems require regular dermatological care. It was very disappointed with how difficult it was to visit a specialist in England. I have had it with seeing a GP instead of a dermatologist, so now whenever I go to Poland I visit my doctor and later recover the treatment costs from the NHS.



The purpose of many visits to specialist doctors is to obtain prescriptions for medication. In England, many drugs are partially or fully refunded by the NHS. Is it possible to get a refund of the cost of drugs purchased abroad from the NHS? With our help yes! Bare in mind that in order to recover these costs, we will need to original copies of all receipts from pharmacies.

Diagnostyka obrazowa i laboratoryjna

In many cases, specialists refer patients for further studies, such as blood tests, X-rays, CT or MRI scans. Diagnosis is one of the most expensive areas of treatment. By using Med4EU’s services, you may receive a refund of all (or a substantial part of) costs of diagnostic tests performed privately in Poland.

NHS costs are reimbursed only up to the NHS valuation of given treatment. Using our experience, we will tell you what kind of valuation we should expect and advise on which clinics are best perform the tests.

Operacje otwarte i laparoskopowe

Med4EU also handles the administrative side of surgical treatments performed privately in Poland on the NHS. Our consultants will recommend the best specialized clinics to treat your specific medical problem. Then, together with the selected clinic, we will begin to collect the documentation required to apply for a refund. Once you have collected the necessary documents confirming your residency, we will apply to NHS on your behalf for cost recovery of your medical expenses. The end of the process is the receipt of a refund check by the patient.

refundacja kosztów leczenia

The amount of reimbursement confirmed prior to surgical treatment

Given that the cost of medical treatment in private clinics in Poland is in most cases lower than the cost of treatment in the NHS, patients can usually expect a full refund of medical treatment costs incurred in Poland. To confirm the eligibility for a reimbursement and the reimbursement amount, Med4EU can apply to the NHS before the surgery. The NHS then informs us whether NHS patients are eligible for that type of treatment and what amount of refunds they can expect. This allows the patient to know about all the potential costs even before surgery.


In the case of many operations, rehabilitation is necessary. The costs of physiotherapy can also be reimbursed by the NHS. As with other medical services, the right documentation is crucial when applying for a refund. Med4EU has extensive experience in completing medical records and working with physicians and clinics to prepare the final report. We know exactly what information NHS will need and how to streamline the refund process.

Working together at every stage of the treatement process

No matter what stage of treatment you are in, Med4EU can help you. We work with patients who have not yet consulted with specialists as well as with patients who have diagnostic or surgical referrals.

Med4EU also handles the cost recovery process if the treatment has already taken place. To initiate the treatment process or the reimbursement of medical expenses through Med4EU, please contact us using the contact form, or via email.

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