refundacja kosztów leczenia z NHS jesli leczenie juz mialo miejsce

Reimbursement of past medical treatment costs from the NHS.

The Cross-Border Directive, which underlies cross-border medicine with the NHS refund, also allows the reimbursement of medical costs for treatment that has already taken place. Patients may apply for reimbursement of the costs of medical services that have been performed since October 2013.

Most types of treatment do not require prior NHS authorization for treatment abroad. In the case of highly specialized operations, such authorization may be required and patients may not be able to obtain reimbursement of treatment costs if the authorization was not granted. A list of medical services requiring prior approval is available on the NHS website.

The Cross-Border Directive covers treatment abroad in both public and private institutions.

Who can apply?
-Patients must live permanently in England and be able to prove it. During the application, patients must demonstrate proof of residency documents (ie. utility bills, bank statements, etc.) covering the period before and after treatment. Permanent residency permit is not required.
-Patients must have rights to treatment in the NHS
-Treatment had to take place in one of the EEA countries (EU, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland)
-The medical service had to be necessary to cure or diagnose disease.
-The medical service had to be in line with the list of services provided by the NHS. This means that, for example, cosmetic treatments are not refunded.


What will be needed?
-Documents confirming your place of residence, including the period before and after treatment
-Information about the GP you are registered with (or were registered with during treatment abroad)
-NHS and National Insurance numbers
-Medical report confirming the medical need for treatment and its course
-Confirmation of payment

Med4EU offers assistance in obtaining reimbursement of costs even when the treatment has already taken place. If you are interested in such a service, please contact us. After collecting all the necessary documents, you can count on reimbursement of treatment costs within 4 months of submitting the application.


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