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Private hip arthroscopy in Poland with NHS cost refund – Med4EU

In this post, we will show you the path that Med4EU customers take from the first time they contact us to when they receive the NHS reimbursement check .

One of our first clients suffered from a femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAI) – a degenerative condition leading to severe damage to the hip joint. Patients’ symptoms include limitation of the range of movements in the joint, along with hip pain. Most of FAI patients need to undergo surgical treatment in order to stop further hip degeneration.

Our patient was diagnosed with FAI in 2008 when she was 15 years old. Taking into account the age of the patient, the doctors did not decide to go forward with the surgical treatment at the time. Year after year, the pain grew stronger, until finally the patient decided to undergo arthroscopic hip surgery at the Carolina Medical Center, the hospital with the highest standards of orthopedic care in Poland.

Our patient is permanently residing in England, so she was able to get reimbursement of medical expenses in a private clinic in Poland from the NHS.

What did the process of treatment and reimbursement look like?

In May, the patient underwent a round of diagnostics at the Carolina Medical Center, including an MRI, CT, and several X-ray pictures. The result of the diagnosis was surgical referral.

At this point, the patient contacted Med4EU looking for help with NHS cost reimbursement.

Firstly, Med4EU advised the patient to apply to the NHS for reimbursement of diagnostics costs (MRI, CT, RTG). As part of this process, the patient was responsible for providing proof of her place of residence (council tax bill and bank statement) and proof of payment for diagnostics (invoices, bills, bank statements). Med4EU has teamed up with doctors to produce the right medical report, completed the application and fully handled the refund process, acting on behalf of the patient.

To ensure the patient’s peace of mind and confidence that the expected medical costs will be fully reimbursed by the NHS, Med4EU has applied to the NHS asking whether the patient was eligible for this type of treatment under the NHS and for a valuation of this type of surgery by the NHS, and consequently the valuation of the refund.

After confirming that the reimbursement limit is higher than the expected costs of treatment, the patient underwent surgery and subsequent rehabilitation at the Carolina Medical Center.

At the end of the treatment, Med4EU coordinated the preparation of the appropriate medical report, collected all necessary documents (such as proof of payment, referrals), translated all documents into English, and completed and sent the application to the NHS.

As a result, both applications were completed successfully. With Med4EU, our patient was able to benefit from her rights and undergo diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation in one of the best orthopaedic clinics in Europe, and then get a full refund of NHS treatment costs. As a result of our joint efforts, the patient has saved over £6000. The reimbursement process, starting from Med4EU sent the application to the NHS lasted 4 months – a minimal length of this procedure.

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