How to quickly and conveniently receive private treatment in Poland on the NHS

Are you ordinarily resident in England with rights to NHS treatment? Have you heard about treatment options in private clinics outside of England with a NHS refund guarantee, but would you like to learn more? Check what you should do to make the treatment in a foreign country run smoothly and get the costs refunded from the NHS as soon as possible.

Is treatment abroad legitimate?

People who have heard about treatment abroad with NHS reimbursement of costs often wonder if this is legal. The answer is unambiguous: yes. The EU Cross-Border Directive, which has been in force since October 2013, provides all EU citizens with the right to use medical services outside the country in which they reside. What’s more, it also gives them a guarantee of reimbursement of treatment costs up to the amount determined by the local health fund.

There is therefore no reason to be afraid – treatment abroad is completely legal. Patients from different EU countries are willing to use their treatment options abroad.


Do I qualify for treatment abroad?

Many patients ask who can benefit from treatment abroad with a guarantee of NHS reimbursement. The conditions are clearly defined:
– you must be ordinarily resident in England (remember: permanent residency status is not required);
– you must have the right to use NHS medical services;
– treatment must be part of the NHS guaranteed service package (the NHS only refunds medical services that it provides).

Therefore, if you meet the above criteria, you have the full right to apply for reimbursement of treatment costs in Poland with the NHS.

What medical services are reimbursed by the NHS?

The following medical services are included in the range of benefits refunded by the NHS:
– specialist consultations
– imaging and laboratory tests
– surgical procedures
– physiotherapy
– purchase of medicines

Most medical services performed abroad do not require prior NHS approval. It is only necessary for very complicated operations. However, it should be remembered that the Directive does not cover reimbursement for aesthetic medical treatments. The refund does not cover transport related expenses either.


Will the NHS refund my treatment?

Refunds awarded by the NHS for treatment in Poland are high: according to data from 2015, a total of more than 1.300,000 EUR have been returned to patients. Of the 1704 applications submitted, nearly 1100 were welcomed. Among the applications rejected 204 involved treatments that were not provided by the NHS. The remaining 400 were rated negatively because they were not prepared as required.


These data prove that the condition for obtaining a refund from the NHS for treatment abroad is:
– knowledge of the principles of cross-border treatment and NHS guaranteed services;
– the ability to correctly prepare the application (comprehensive medical report, full medical documentation, proper translations).


Is it worth choosing treatment in Poland?

Choosing treatment in private clinics in Poland at the expense of the NHS, you get many benefits:
– better quality of medical services – private clinics provide a high standard of care, access to the latest equipment, qualified personnel and – convenient treatment conditions;
– no queues for specialists;
– efficient course of treatment: from consultation, through diagnostics and treatment, to physiotherapy – everything takes place in the same place and is run by one team of specialists;

However, taking up treatment abroad and getting a NHS reimbursement on your own is also associated with obligations that are quite burdensome in practice:
– firstly, you need to know all the procedures perfectly to get the full refund yourself;
– secondly, you must be well versed in the offers of private medical facilities in order to choose the most appropriate one;
– thirdly, you must be ready to handle all formalities yourself, both in England and in Poland – this is mainly about collecting and properly preparing the necessary medical records.

For many of us, to be a patient, and at the same time to have to take care of all procedures related to the organization of treatment and obtaining refunds is far too much. That is why we often give up the possibility of foreign treatment. Statistics prove this: in 2014, only 7% of Poles polled benefited from foreign medical assistance, and only 33% of respondents declared their willingness to take advantage of such a possibility. This is a mistake – there are proven solutions that allow you to quickly and conveniently treat yourself in Poland with a guarantee of NHS reimbursement.


Med4EU – guaranteed reimbursement of treatment costs in Poland with the NHS


– freedom in communicating with doctors – ;

Med4EU is an experienced company that deals with the organization of cross-border treatment. It will guide you through dealing with tedious procedures and will ensure access to the best clinics in the country and reimbursement of NHS treatment costs.

Med4EU experts specialize in comprehensive organization of cross-border treatment – they know every detail of the procedures, so you get the guarantee of maximul (full) refund. In addition, the center cooperates with the most prestigious private hospitals in various regions of Poland – Med4EU partner clinics include facilities with FIFA accreditation.


We understand that travelling to get treatment abroad can be quite stressful, especially in terms of communicating with doctors. In Med4EU’s partner clinics, you don’t have to worry about this – the hospitals are bilingual. In terms of medical documentation, translation of documents from Polish to English is a part of our service.

The wide range of Med4EU enables an individual approach to each patient. Med4EU helps:
– organize the treatment process itself abroad;
– plan and carry out treatment along with obtaining a refund;
– get a refund for patients who have already had their own treatment in Poland, but need support in procedures related to reimbursement.

If necessary, Med4EU can also give patients a treatment loan, which is then repaid from the funds obtained from the NHS refund.


Treatment in Poland with Med4EU step by step

Cooperation with Med4EU in the organization of treatment in Poland is simple, convenient and will save you time and nerves. The process consists of 5 steps:

– Choosing a clinic – Med4EU will help you choose the right medical facility; importantly, you can opt for a center that does not belong to the Med4EU partner clinics.

– Valuation of refunds – if necessary, Med4EU will apply to the NHS for a consent and for the amount of the refund.

– Treatment financing – if you can not cover your treatment costs yourself before receiving a refund, Med4EU will offer you a secure loan.

– Treatment – Med4EU will complete the medical records and take care of the preparation of a detailed medical report, and will also submit to the NHS an application for reimbursement of costs at the end of each treatment step.

– Refund – if you pay for the treatment yourself, after about 4 months you will receive reimbursement of NHS treatment costs; if you decide on a loan, the funds will be refunded to Med4EU.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@med4eu.com

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