How to organize treatment in Poland with NHS reimbursement in the best private clinics?

Have you had enough with queues to the doctor and distant treatment times? Are you stick of constantly seeing you GP instead of a specialist doctor?

Stop waiting for health – choose treatment at reputable private clinics in Poland and gain time, high standards of care and reimbursement of costs from the NHS.

NHS reimbursement for treatment abroad

As an EU citizen, you have the right to use medical services outside of your country of residence – with a guarantee of reimbursement of treatment costs up to the amount determined by the local health fund. This is provided by the Cross-Border Directive which came into force in October 2013. In England, obtaining the NHS refund requires that the following conditions are met:

–you are ordinarily resident  in England,
–you are be entitled to treatment in the NHS,
–the same or equivalent treatment must be available to you on the NHS.

Simple, right? Not exactly. It turns out that only a few use their right to cross-border treatment. According to a Eurobarometer survey conducted a year after the introduction of the directive, only 7% of Poles surveyed benefited from foreign medical assistance during this period. What’s more, only 33% of respondents declared their willingness to take advantage of such a possibility. So what is the problem? It’s a complex process filled with complicated procedures.


How to get better treatment and reimbursement of treatment costs from the NHS

If you decide to receive treatment abroad, first of all you need to check what will the value of your future reimbursement be. In order to do this, you need to submit an appropriate application to the NHS. In the case of complicated operations, you must also get NHS approval for treatment abroad prior to the procedure (otherwise you might not get reimbursed). Do not underestimate this stage – after all you want to be sure that the treatment costs will be reimbursed by the NHS.

Secondly, you need to find the right clinic – with a high standard of care, and at the same time offering a short waiting time for the procedures or consultations. Both of these criteria are actually met only by some of the private clinics. Take your time to consider all the options. An ill-informed decision may cost you time or – worse – health.

Thirdly, collect all of the detailed medical records. This is very important – only properly documented services and medical treatments guarantee full reimbursement of NHS treatment costs. If the submitted documents are not carefully prepared or they are lacking in detail about the treatment process, then the NHS will have no grounds to reimburse all of the actually performed medical procedures. As a result, the reimbursed costs will be lower than those actually incurred.

Does organising treatment abroad on your own make any sense?

Independent organization of treatment in private clinics in Poland with a guarantee of NHS reimbursement is a fairly risky undertaking. First of all, it requires a great deal of knowledge about procedures – insufficient knowledge can prove to be expensive and make the whole effort not worth it.

However, even knowing the nuances of the foreign treatment process and getting a refund, you must have time to prepare everything properly. Obtaining information from the NHS regarding the level of reimbursement of treatment costs, choosing a reliable clinic, and finally making sure that the medical records are complete and comprehensively prepared is a big burden for someone whose main concern is to get fast and professional medical help.

What can you do then? The best solution is to use the help of experienced centers specialized in organizing cross-border treatment. They will guide you in dealing with tedious procedures and will ensure access to reliable medical facilities and reimbursement of NHS treatment costs.


Why choose Med4EU?

When choosing a center to organize your treatment abroad, check what range of services the given offer covers. Its spectrum should be as wide as possible, so that you can concentrate solely on getting treated and not have to bother with formalities. A good example of a company offering comprehensive solutions for cross-border treatment to English residents is Med4EU.

Med4EU provides support for the entire treatment process in private clinics in Poland with NHS reimbursement. This includes:

–submitting an application to the NHS with a request for the valuation of a given medical service and confirmation of the patient’s future reimbursement amount,
–help in choosing the best private clinic in Poland and establishing a convenient date of examination or surgery,
–cooperation with doctors in Poland in the development of medical documentation and checking its compliance with the NHS refund criteria,
–submitting an application to the NHS and get a refund of treatment costs.


Additionally, Med4EU also allows offers treatment loans. This is a convenient option, because medical services in Poland must be paid before receiving a refund from the NHS. So if you do not have enough resources, you can take an advantage of a convenient loan provided by Med4EU’s financial partners.

Med4EU helps patients obtain a wide range of medical services in Poland with NHS refund, including::

–Specialists consultations
–imaging and laboratory tests
–surgical procedures
–purchasing of medication

Med4EU cooperates with the most prestigious private clinics in Poland, including centers with FIFA accreditation. Choosing Med4EU guarantees that your treatment will be properly coordinated and will run smoothly. The entire treatment process will take place in one medical center that will take full responsibility for your treatment. From consultation, through diagnostic tests and the treatment itself, to physiotherapy.

With Med4EU you get:

–time and health – you skip queues to the doctors, and get treated as your earliest convenience;

–access to the highest quality health services in the best private medical facilities in Poland;
–comprehensive service – Med4EU ensures that you will get the full documentation needed to obtain a refund from the NHS, so you do not have to worry about formalities;
–if necessary – the possibility of using a loan.


Stop waiting for health! Take advantage of Med4EU’s services and see that treatment abroad can be fast, modern, professional and stress-free.


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