leczenie dermatologiczne w polsce na koszt NHS

Dermatological treatment in Poland on the NHS

Another story we want to tell you, is of our patients who, due to her skin problems, visits her dermatologist at least 4 times a year.

Our patient has had skin problems for over 10 years. She has lived in England for the last 6 years, but because seeing a specialist on the NHS is very hard, she has been going to her doctor Poland every time she visits her home country. The cost of each visit, including the cost of medicines, ranged between 300 PLN and 500 PLN.

This year, our patient first learned about her right to treatment abroad with later cost refund by the NHS. As the total cost of treatment for her chronic illness is astronomical, the patient has decided to use Med4EU and seek reimbursement for medical expenses.

Collaboration with Med4EU began with Med4EU providing a list of all the documents that are needed to submit the application. The patient was responsible for providing proof of her place of residence (council tax bill and bank statement), proof of payment for a visit to the dermatologist, and medications and a letter from her doctor (made during the visit).

Med4EU translated all documents into English, wrote the reimbursement application to the NHS and coordinated the process until the patient received the refund check from the NHS.

As a result, the patient has saved nearly 500 PLN and has plans to use Med4EU after every dermatological consultation.

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